Sons & Fathers: When Docs Initiate the Process of Self-discovery and Awareness

We invite you to explore four stimulating docs initiating for filmmakers and their subjects’ self-discovery and awareness, and surveying in this compilation father and son relationships in its literal and metaphoric meanings: “who is this man who people say I look like?” asks Karim Goury director of “Made in Egypt” who have never met his father! “All I have of his is a photo of both my parents together, taken in a restaurant. They look young, beautiful, and maybe in love…”; In “Diaries of a flying Dog” we learn that director Bassem Fayad and his tiny dog have something in common: obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder! At a versant in Lebanon, Bassem is lovingly and courageously examine his and family life while war rotates in and around them; Its Athens, 1983. 4-year old Bashir is killed in the assassination of his father, a top PLO lieutenant. But what if the boy could come back to life, to dig through his past only to witness the dream that he and his father died for, become a nation turned against itself? Bashir story is told by director Mahmoud Al Massad in “This is My Picture When I was Dead”; last but not least, not to miss short documentary from Kabylia, Algeria “Terra Cognita, directed by Nassim Amaouche who digs with his father in the rubble of the family home that was bombed in 1957, searching for his father's lost childhood, or is this a new start between father and son!

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