On Tolerance

In this collection, you are invited to explore three creative docs telling stories of tolerance and survival: Set in the midst of riots, surrounding a square that both the Christian municipality and the Muslim community lay claim to, “Nazareth 2000”, Hany Abu-Asad’s first doc is available for the first time online through Minaa. Also from Palestine and directed by Wafa Jamil, “Coffee for All Nations” tells the story of Abed Al Fatah who decides to return to his land in Al-Walaja village, yet occupied by the Israeli government since 1948! And from Egypt, we encourage you to engage with “Underground/ on the Surface” by Salma Al Tarazi that highlights the accelerated growth of shaabi music in Egypt, especially at the beginning of January 2011 revolution. Enjoy watching and share your thoughts.

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In the year of 1948, Abed and his family were forced by the Israeli army to abandon their home in (Al-Walaja) village near Bethlehem and move to Dheisheh Refugee Camp. Resilient, Abed decides to go ba... Show More

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