About Minaa

Minaa is the first interactive VOD platform fostering the discovery of Arabic creative documentaries, while preserving and providing a range of unique materials, which are not widely available on one single platform elsewhere. With the aim to make creative docs accessible to worldwide audiences and building audiences, Minaa is also supporting filmmakers (content owners) by offering them %50 of profit on all subscriptions and memberships.

The platform believes in the power of interaction, and thereby provides several engagement tools, which allow the audiences to interact with the filmmakers directly, via curated discussion groups and live Q&As.

Minaa’s library adds an average of 2-3 new docs and almost two new collections per month. Docs are available largely across the world and subtitled in Arabic and English with few exceptions to French.

The Creative Documentary Platform- Amman and MAD Solutions- Cairo founded Minaa scheme. It was supported by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation- Amman and a group of generous donors. Minaa is an Arab Cinema Center member and run in collaboration with Ma3mal 612 founder of the Karama Human Rights Film Festival- Amman. 

A Word From Minaa
Opening credits are rolling; focused on the screen with growing anticipation to what I am about to experience; the mood is set for the upcoming 90 minutes journey. Time passes as the story uncovers, characters feel more real. I understand and sometimes I don't! I laugh, I cry, I think. Suddenly I realize, I'm in that thin line between reality and fiction, and in that grey area lays the best of both worlds.

Welcome to the fascinating world of creative documentaries. Creative docs narrating stories of courageous personalities defying their insecurities and acclaiming their pleasures, sharing intimate moments with artist filmmakers who had challenged the typical medium of film and articulated more than just an idea, a feeling, a question, a journey that never felt this personal and above all, a call for action.

On behalf of each documentary filmmaker, character and story, we invite you to explore the true meaning of this exciting wave of filmmaking coming together from every little corner of our dear Arab World. It is time to tell and retell our history, face present adversities and raise our hopes, way high for a brighter future. Minaa is more than thrilled to take part in engaging with you, preserving and celebrating our culture.
Reem Bader, Founding Director of Minaa and The Creative Documentary Platform
Minaa is a testimony that our storytelling culture is alive and well. It is a form of narrative that, unfortunately in the Arab world, is associated with news programs. Therefore, the platform will act as a catalyst to reform this impression. More than ever before, our documentaries are becoming crucial to our history and identity, and with Minaa, we aim to use it as a continuously growing archive of modern Arab history narrative.
Alaa Karkouti, Co-Founder MAD Solutions
Our region is in dire need for a platform where Arabs can share their own views and document their lives through their own lenses and contribute to writing their history.
Valentina Qussisiya, the CEO of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
Minaa scheme is functional, practical and allows the exposure and distribution of various creative documentaries including Karama Films, allowing reaching out to and engaging larger audiences.
Sawsan Darwaza, Founder and Director of Karama Human Rights Film Festival
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Sincere Gratitude to Minaa's Generous Donors. For you, we are Grateful.

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